Warm Greetings from Queen Luce and King Yngvar-

During this Holiday season we know that things can get busy with all the different sorts of holiday gatherings with friends, family, the hustle bustle of shopping, cooking, and the many hours spent traveling from location to location.

We want to take a moment and slow down to say Thank you during this Holiday Season.

First, Thank you to the Volunteers of the different groups that help plan events and the hours of prepping for feasts, serving, cleaning, sitting at gate and greeting people as they come through the door, serving as retainers for the Royal Family, putting together A&S displays, and to the Marshals that make sure we are being safe while participating in the different martial activities as well as all the other things that make an event run.

Thank you to the Kingdom, Regional and Local Group Officers and the countless hours that are put in for all the "other stuff" that most do not see.

Thank you to the Scribes that put forth their extraordinary skills on all sorts of different media and make memorable pieces of recognition that we all hold so very dear to our hearts. Thanks also to the heralds that help us boast about these recognitions during the many courts that are held each year.

Finally, Thank you to everyone for your contributions, your efforts are what makes Northshield great!

We have been truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community that has been making this very special and memorable for us and we are very Thankful to have such giving members.

We appreciate everything that you do to help serve the Kingdom!

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year as we look forward to seeing you in 2013.