Their Majesties Morgan and Lusche


Missive from Their Most Royal Majesties
May Unto all who reside in the lands of Northshield and all who would read these words do Morgan and Lusche send warmest greetings.

We sincerely hope that all have emerged from the season of ice and snow without too much difficulty and that everyone is enjoying the milder days and warmer weather. We look forward to seeing everyone as we travel about. This is the time of year when all is fresh and new, when the world is reborn and renewed. In the spirit of this season we look forward to making new friends and renewing ties with old ones as we travel about the land.

We would like to thank the Shire of Rivenwood Tower for hosting our coronation and to all who attended. You made our day very special and even more so because of the company that joined us. Thank you.

As the days pass we look forward to hosting everyone in our Barony of Nordskogen for THACO2 and hope all who would like to attend are able to do so. We also look forward to enjoying the gentler arts at Silks and Needles in the Shire of Korsvag on the last day of this month. On the 14th of May we will again journey to Korsvag to secure the future of our lands. We invite and encourage all who are able to attend our Crown Tourney and bear witness to the deeds done there and see the lineage of Northshield secured.

As it is the time of planting and when the world turns green, remember that Her Majesty does not partake of the flesh of animals. She does this by choice and because she loves the bounty of the fields. She enjoys such in its most natural state. She particularly enjoys fresh fruits and berries. To help keep her thoughts clear she has also chosen to refrain from strong drink. Remember also that His Majesty, in an effort to keep his humors in check, will only take sparingly of sweetmeats and strong drink.

We would ask that you keep this in mind as you travel about the land. Though some hold great offices, some have august titles, and some have great experience, ALL who dwell within these lands are Northshielders and that fact alone makes them special, for without the people, ALL of the people the Kingdom is for naught. Remember that the people are the Kingdom… and that it’s all about Northshield.

With love
Morgan and Lusche

P.S. Everything is better with a cookie.
April Unto the Populace of Northshield do Morgan and Lusche send warm greetings.

At last the weather is starting to turn and as our thoughts turn with the seasons many things have come to our minds. We have found that we are short of staff and in that light we have the following positions open…

Official cleaner of the long ship privy, however this requires a long ship so we are also in need of a long ship builder. Sails, we will need sails, and while the ship should have oars at times the crew will be tired so we are in need of sail blowers as well. Those who are long winded are encouraged to apply. We feel that this will give us the fastest ship and will also keep everyone warm while at sea. We have a fondness for mermaids, and as such we will be journeying to the event of the same name. Official mermaid spotters (OMS) will be helpful, however since mermaids have been known to entrap those who travel on the waters, all spotters will have to be blind so as not to be lured to their dooms. Since the spotters are blind and we do not wish them to have any difficulty while on board we are hoping to have some mermaid spotter seeing eye thralls (MSSET) to assist them in their duties. Since we have heard tales of creatures whose voices will lure the unwary to a watery grave all MSSET’s should be deaf so as not to be tempted. The deaf MSSET working in with the blind OMS should allow us to successfully spot mermaids and avoid sirens.

In addition to the crew we will be in need of a raiding/negotiation/assessment/survey/ and diplomatic party. We believe the term “Nordic Migrant Farm Worker” (NMFW) may be a suitable title for members of this party. All NMFW’s of this party should be properly equipped to perform all of their duties. Equipment will consist of but not be limited to the following, sword, shield, spear, helm, language primers of lands visited, culturally appropriate garb for people we will be “visiting”, abacus, fingers, toes, stone tablet, wax tablet and other record keeping and counting devices, eyes, noses and ears and a copy of the Illustrated Politically Correct Norseman. NMFWs may be asked to stay behind in lands visited for an undetermined period of time to insure that Our interests are being met. NMFWs will be encouraged to seek out leadership positions and perhaps use their holdings as staging areas for further exploration.

At home we are in need of many odd job positions around the longhouse, however this first requires that we build the longhouse so that would be the first position that would need to be filled. Since our longhouse will require wood for its construction we need Official Tree Spotters (OTS), this is a different position, and has different requirements than the Official Forrest Spotter (OFS).

There are more positions that will be needed and we will post those in a later missive.

We would like to take this time to thank their Majesties for their wisdom and guidance in setting up our longhouse and equipping our ship for its voyages. It has been an extreme pleasure to work with them and we wish them all the best as they return to their lands. We would let them know that NMFW positions are open…

Tongue firmly in cheek, and in the spirit of the season,

Morgan and Lusche