The eclecticness of the SCA The eclecticness of the SCA

March Missive

This month, a message from our Instagram Deputy.



So what’s going on with Northshield out on the interwebs, you ask. Well, the Northshield Instagram account continues to grow since its formation in January of 2020. The Instagram page has roughly 750 followers and over 440 posts at the time of submission. If you want to keep up to date, that’s the place to be.

The Northshield YouTube channel has been revamped to make it easier to navigate. At the top of the page is a video for non-subscribers to get a taste of Northshield, and, for subscribers, the latest video. We’ve also made playlists for other content such as the Northshield Toy Run videos, previous courts, playlists from other channels you may find interesting, SCA-specific videos, a list of channels of Kingdoms currently on Youtube, and a playlist for some of the more recent happenings in the Known World. All of this can be found on the front page ( We’ve also been busy making new content for you to watch, such as Griffin Tales, featuring the stories of Northshielders, and The Artisans of Northshield, featuring artists with a GoA or under. If you wish to participate in either, please contact

Lastly, please keep in mind the images that you use on any social media platform (or in print) may fall under copyright law. Even images over 100 years past the artist's death (usually free of copyright) may be a photograph that someone owns the rights to or which belong to a museum, art gallery, or auction house. Nearly every website has a copyright rules section or a contact section. However, sites such as blogs, Twitter, and places like Pinterest don’t always link to the original source and are not acceptable for attribution purposes unless stated otherwise. Most times, but not always, it’s simply a matter of giving appropriate credit. Some sites such as Wikipedia and Wikimedia will tell you when you download an image what, if any, attribution is required. Still, it is good practice to cite the source with at least the name of the image and the artist if possible. If you are unaware of where an image comes from, Google Images is a great tool to search for the original image ( You can also find SCA images to use (read the Guidelines on the page for details) from the SCA Digital Scribes Program ( 


Other missives from the Kingdom Chronicler
Posted by: Xanthippe Botaneiatissa Kingdom Chronicler on 2/19/2021

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