Ciarán & Elis

Their Royal Highnesses of Northshield

Crowned Prince and Princess of Northshield at Her Royal Majesty Jehanette's Crown Tournament on the 12th day of October in the year 2019 AS 54.

Their Royal Highness's Persona Details

Prince Ciarán

Prince Ciarán Ciarán likes to play a variety of times and regions in the framework of the SCA, starting with Scottish near the turn of the 1st millennium to a Hospitaller near the end of the Crusades.

Ciarán Mac Martin
mka David Bloom
Phone: (719) 354-5520
Please text if at all possible and add your name.

Princess Elis

Princess Elis Elis Godbeare likes to play in the early period eras of 10th century Ireland and Anglo Saxon England, sometimes traveling to the Roman empire and on special occasions medieval Japan. Elis is interested in the fiber arts especially knitting, sewing, jewelry making and bookbinding.

Elis Godbeare
mka Anne Hinseth
712 E Main #A
Vermillion SD 57069
Phone: (605) 659-0227
No phone calls before 7am or after 10pm

Royal Progress

Please see the Kingdom of Northshield Calendar for current event listings.

Royal Preferences

His Highness's Preferences

Colors: Blue, orange, and white (ie Denver Broncos) Also likes the colors of the Kingdom which are His heraldic colors

Food Allergies: None

Beverages: Water, Beer, Root Beer
Food: Cookies, Steak, Foods of all cultures

Dislikes: Liquor, Unpeeled Peaches, Shellfish

Her Highness's Preferences

Colors: Northshield colors, blue, green, and jewel tones

Food Allergies: None
Her Highness is a type 2 diabetic and follows a low sugar, low carb diet. Feast stewards should not feel like they need to change the menu for her Highness. Artificial sweeteners are the devil and are not wanted here. Due to her diabetes, Her Highness DOES NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL.

Beverages: Water, tea(black teas are best especially Lady Grey or Earl Grey), Kevita sparkling probiotic drinks - lemon ginger and strawberry, acai, coconut are her favorites
Food: Meat, cheeses that don't smell like feet, roasted vegetables, candied peel especially orange Rosalia makes these awesome cookies that are to die for

Dislikes: Seafood, cucumbers, celery, coffee, iceberg lettuce, raisins, alcohol
overly perfumed items - fragrance free or light scent prefered


Her Highness has specifically requested not to be refered to as Elis II, please use Elis.

His Highness's Personal Device
Prince Ciarán's Personal Device
Her Highness's Personal Device
Princess Elis's Personal Device

Largess Needs

  • Rings
  • Veil Pins
  • Lampwork beads (small sets on a string)
  • Stuffed toys for the chest
  • New comer mugs (pewter, wood, ceramic preferably not glass)
  • Sewing kits
  • Needle cases
  • Hand made books
  • Penannular brooches

Personal Requests

His Highness's Requests

  • Anything Crusader or Scottish
  • Hospitaller outfit
  • Cloak and tunic with compass rose
  • Outfits for His girls, they are sizes 6T (small) and 4T (extra small), used is acceptable

Her Highness's Requests

  • Woven trim
  • Early period head coverings
  • Early period earrings
  • Temple rings
  • Veil Pins

Royal Household


THL Kit Marik syn & THL Adaliunda Marikova doch
mka Kit & Sarah Brower
4409 Meadow Ln
Eau Claire WI 54701
Kit's Phone: (715) 829-1040
Adal's Phone: (715) 379-4239

Royal Advisor

Hrodwyn Trollslayer
Mistress Hrodwyn Trollslayer
mka Carrie Kingsbury
722 E Main St
Vermillion SD 57069
Phone: (605) 214-1340

Garb Coordinator

Gaia Aurelia
Baroness Gaia Aurelia
mka Nicole Neal
Phone: (605) 941-0646
Texts are welcome, please no calls after 10pm

Gift Coordinator

Adaliunda Marikova doch
THL Adaliunda Marikova doch
mka Sarah Brower
4409 Meadow Ln
Eau Claire WI 54701
Phone: (715) 379-4239


Kit Marik syn
THL Kit Marik syn
mka Kit Brower
4409 Meadow Ln
Eau Claire WI 54701
Phone: (715) 829-1040