Greetings to the people of Northshield,

It is good to be back!

To the Shire of Noiregarde, WOW! The people of that good Shire and the help they offered, to all the people who showed up on Friday night and then again on Saturday was spectacular. The motivation and work that all of you put into have this Crown tourney, the wonderful results and feel made us right at home!

Winter is here and even though it seems like it is far away we are already starting to plan for our Coronation, Crown Tournament, and our summer travel schedule.

As we know that summer time is pretty busy we encourage those groups who are hosting events during the summer months to make sure they are on the calendar as soon as possible. This will help us continue our planning and have a successful summer of traveling throughout the Kingdom!

We are looking forward to serving TRM as heirs and seeing all the people of Northshield at Boar's Head.

Safe travels and Happy Holiday to all of Northshield!

Yngvar and Luce