Arts and Science

Not everything medieval was fighting.  There is a side of beauty in its art and a mastery in the science behind everything you experience at a event.
Whether it is someone helping you make your first garb or the hypnotic ring of the Armour's hammer, there are a limitless amount of ways in which you can experience and even create your own piece of medieval history.
Only a small selection of what is a nearly inexhaustible source of resources are listed below.  Feel free to contact your local Chatelaine or Art and Science's Minister to learn more.

Fiber sciences and arts

wool, yarn, weaving, knitting, etc

From processing raw wool into yarn to weaving patterns into trim for clothing. If it involves fiber there is someone who knows how it was done before modern machines did it. 

metal working

armour, jewelry, etc

Most will buy armour or jewelry but there are those who craft it by hand and will welcome any chance to show their work and guide another in their own creation.


making a medieval manuscript

Scribes labor endlessly over the creation of our awards and documents just as those who did so back then did. Each one a work of unique art and beauty.


rules and etiquette for devices and heralding

Have a family coat of arms? Then hearlds can properly translate it for you. They can even show you how to correctly announce things in court.

vinting and brewing

mead, beer, and wine. oh my!

At many Society events you can sample these craftsmen's latest creations and discuss their art and science with them. As long as you are of age of course.

bardic arts

The spoken word turned into art and song.

Late after everything has calmed down and the sun has set you can catch these minstrels and poets plying their trade around a warm fire.


Shire of border downs

the kingdom of northshield