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Per society law fleeting contact is now allowed in rapier. Until the end of April, I will allow fleeting contact as an experimental form in rapier combat. It can be done in practice and in tournaments with the permission of your opponent beforehand. The following are the listed Ansteorra standards which we will go by.

  1. Contact may be accidental or intentional.

  2. The contact must be brief.

  3. If the opponent struggles against the contact, the contact must end immediately or the marshals shall call HOLD.

  4. A fighter may block his opponent’s motion, move his opponent’s limbs or initiate other contact.

  5. This does not allow fighters to punch, trip, shove or kick one another.

  6. A stronger fighter cannot simply overpower his opponent. Moves should use finesse, not force.

  7. Fighters are to avoid any contact that is painful for their opponent.

  8. Fighters are responsible for the results of their contact with their opponent. Good intentions will not excuse bad results.  Do not attempt these actions unless you are confident that you can perform them safely.

Marshal please make sure to follow number eight closely. I welcome both positive and negative feedback on this by the end of April.

On a different note, I would like to note the state of rapier in Northshield from the Group Domesday report. We currently have 185 heavy rapier fighters, 34 light rapier fighters, and 9 cut and thrust fighters. All total we have 47 warranted marshals. When broken down by region we have 93 fighters in the western region, 46 in the eastern Region, and 46 in the central region.

In service,

Other missives from the Kingdom Rapier Marshal
Posted by: Julio Galva'n Kingdom Rapier Marshal on 3/1/2007

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