Natalia of Falcon's Keep and Jean du MalChance Natalia of Falcon's Keep and Jean du MalChance

January 2011 Northwatch Missive

Greetings brothers and sisters Northshield,

This month I bring you a few simple changesto the Northshield armored Combat rules.

First in the Northshield Combat handbook Rule3. Northshield Additions to SCA Weapon requirments.

Line B. Fiberglass spears 1. Fiberglassspears must be a minimum of 8 feet in length.

Line C. Combat Archery

1. Only siloflex shafted bolts and arrows,with the appropriate heads, fletchings, and nocks as outlined by the societyhandbook are legal for use within the borders of Northshield.

2. Those authorized in combat archery withinNorthshield may use shafted bolts and arrows, and the equipment that goes withthem, while attending events in other kingdoms which allow their use.

These will be removed, the rule 3 will read

3. Northshield Additions to SCA WeaponRequirements

A. Prohibited Weapons

1. Thrusting shields and punch daggers areprohibited. Thrusting tips or striking surfaces may not be mounted on a shield.Punch daggers are thrusting weapons which are in line with the forearm, eitherby how the grip is configured or strapped to the forearm itself.

Line B is made redundant due to Society ruleschange (as published in an earlier northwatch) 7. Total spear length shall notexceed 12 feet (3.658 m) and shall not be less than 5 feet (1.8288 m).

The second removal in relation to combatarchery, I am lowering the weapon standards SCA minimums. After extensivetesting this war season I have 0 negative feedback from these and see no reasonto restrict our archers to only using golf tubes. I would like to thank HisGrace Siegfried, and Count Tom for there help and support in this testing.

For an additional Clarification of the rules,there have been questions regarding Rubber Axe heads, in the kingdom of Northshieldthere are no additional restrictions on these weapons that are not societywide.if there are any questions please refer to the marshal's handbook that canbe found on the marshals website.

I also would like to put an additional callout for a KEM.

in Service

Syr Gunther KegSlayer

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Posted by: Gunther KegSlayer Kingdom Earl Marshal on 1/1/2011

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