Sadb ingen Suibne and Robert mac Cormaic Sadb ingen Suibne and Robert mac Cormaic


I had the pleasure of meeting up with many fine folks at Boar’s Head. I also would like to congratulate Warder Cyveiliog for winning the Princess Sleeve against Baron Rodrigro in the final round. Warder Cyveiliog McKinley will now be in charge of the Queens Champions Tourna-ment this spring. Vivat!

I ask all fencers to communicate to each other when they think there may be a problem. Marshals please review grievance procedures and make sure to read the upcoming Kingdom Earl Marshal letters for more specifics on this issue.

In addition to the champions tourney, in April and May there will be three rapier specific events in the calendar – one in each region. I challenge fencers to consider trying to make at least two of these events this year. On April 22nd is “Provost Challenge” in the Shire of Coldedernhale. This will be a tourney event with a period theme of everyone being part of a mythical fencing school for a day and engaging in trials of blades for most of the day. On April 29th will be “A Day of Fencing” in the Shire of Silfren Mere. This will be a five person team rapier event with fighting all day. Lastly in May is “Arrg” in the Barony of Jararvellir. This is a legendary fun event with lots of light hearted and fun fencing. Please try to support these events and others in the Kingdom which feature the Arte of Defense.

I plan to be at Hertzkreig and Une Fete this month.

In service,

Other missives from the Kingdom Rapier Marshal
Posted by: Julio Galva'n Kingdom Rapier Marshal on 2/1/2006

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