Syr Angus Ulrich Syr Angus Ulrich

July 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings Kinsmen!

I am happy to announce we have a new KeythongHerald! Lord Godric Alburne from the Plains Region has agreed to take on thisoffice. Please thank him for stepping up and into this important office nexttime you see him. I would also like to thank Meister Gevehard von Baden for volunteeringas our interim Keythong.

Red Boke Herald has also been filled. LadyMerideth NiShionniach was craz…kind enough to take on this office. ThanksMerideth!

When packing for WW and Pennsic this month,don’t forget your heraldry! It is always fun to ID fighters by their personalarms in the bridge battles at WW, and it is truly awe-inspiring to see a sea ofblack & gold griffin tabards in Pennsic’s great field battles!

There will be Heraldic Consulting tables at abunch of events this summer. Heralds – I encourage you to volunteer a bit ofyour time to help out at them. Non-heralds – I encourage you to stop by and getthose name & device questions answered!

Heraldically yours,


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Posted by: Anpliça Fiore Polaris Herald on 7/1/2010

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