HE Dugall Ailean mac-'ic Lathurna HE Dugall Ailean mac-'ic Lathurna

September 2010 Northwatch Missive

Greetings to all as the days and nights become cooler. It’s almost Autumn already—where has the time gone?

Primus. As of this writing, I still do not have a chosen successor for my office. A few folks are interested and I do hope that someone will commit to doing the job, but if I have to I will ask for an extension to my warrant. If you think you might be interested in serving the Kingdom and the Society in this way, please drop me a line soon.

Secundus. I just received word from Damian Caxton that he no longer has time to be Historian/Archivist. The responsibilities for this position include keeping an archive of all kingdom and local newsletters produced in Northshield, and compiling and maintaining a history of the kingdom. If anyone is interested in this position, please contact me at chronicler@northshield.org.

Tertius. I have a new boss and the Society has a new Chronicler, Countess Honor of Restormel, and she’s been hitting the ground running. She will be tracking newsletters especially for credit for the artwork, articles, clip art, and photographs. If you are putting together any publication or website for the SCA, please be sure you are attributing the sources fully. There needs to be credit given to the person who did the work (art or took the picture), AND, if you can recognize a person by their face (heraldry does NOT count), then you need a model release as well. This includes event announcements.

Quartus. I have been honored recently with some very nice compliments on the appearance and the content of the Northwatch. There is no way that this is just my doing and I have to lay the credit where it is due. The contributors, whether they write a regular feature or step up to the plate when a theme interests them, are generous with their time and talents and deserve a great deal of the credit. The Royal Family and the Great Officers who regularly share their thoughts add to the quality that others are seeing along with the assistance of many of their deputies. And I have to credit my proofreading team for the quality of the final appearance. There is no way I could do this every month without all of this help.

Quintus. Upcoming themes: October will be “Harvest: Customs surrounding the harvest/things to do with the bounties of the harvest”; November’s will be  “Thankful to be in Northshield: Tales told in stories, music and songs.” We hven’t had a well-versed issue for a while and we don’t really have that much extra money to put one out, so we’ll do it this way.

Quod Denique. September will see me traveling to Castel Rouge for their 40th Anniversary event; Orlova Dolina for the Coronation of Anne & Hrodir; and Windhaven for their Fall Fest. October is a busy month for me in the modern world, but I still plan on making it to Silfren Mere for Crown Tournament and Caer Anterth Mawr for the youth event.

I remain, in service to the Northshield, our Society, and most of all, to the

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Posted by: Elashava bas Riva Kingdom Chronicler on 9/1/2010

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