Duncan MacThearlach Duncan MacThearlach

March Missive

Greetings, Northshield,

As of the publication of this Northwatch, I have served as Kingdom Seneschal for eleven months. Now approaches the time to begin accepting applications for a gentle to succeed me.

To prepare the potential candidate, and to maintain transparency of the position, the selected candidate will serve as Emergency Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for a period of up to one year. During that time, they will observe the Kingdom Seneschal, remain updated on current events, and serve as Kingdom Seneschal should the Kingdom Seneschal have to step down, or step away momentarily.

Duties of the Kingdom Seneschal include, but are not limited to, providing guidance to the Royal family, working on Kingdom law, working with their deputies, attending Crown Tournaments and Coronations, serving on the Stallari Council and attending their meetings, working with officers at all levels of the Society, and ensuring the Kingdom runs smoothly. Duties are conducted by phone, email, and in person. The role requires a variable number of hours per week, but can be a full time commitment from time to time.

Applications will be accepted until the end of April, and can be sent to seneschal@northshield. org. Please include relevant SCA and non SCA experience in your resume. If you have any questions, or want further clarification, please feel free to contact me.

In Service.


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Posted by: Eysteinn meinfretr (called William) Kingdom Seneschal on 2/12/2018

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