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December 2009 Northwatch Missive



It is now December and our exchequer thoughtsbegin to turn towards Domesday time. As soon as I have received startingnumbers from the Society Exchequer, I will be sending those out to all of you.

In preparation for Domesday time, pleaserefrain from writing any checks that transfer monies from your account intoanother local or Kingdom account after the 10th of December, thisincludes NMS checks. This will allow those Exchequers the opportunity to makesure all transfers have cleared the bank in time for the Domesday report. Ifyou have received a transfer-of-funds check form another group, please makesure it is deposited before the end of the month for the same reason. Inaddition, if you have sent a transfer-of-funds check to another group and ithas not yet cleared your bank, please contact that group exchequer to make surethat it was received. If it has, ask them to deposit it as soon as possible. Ifyou need to write checks to others for services, rentals, etc., by all means goahead and make those payments to avoid conflict. If you have any questions,feel free to contact me.


Stay Accountable,


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Posted by: Greta Rahikkainen Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer on 12/1/2009

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