Medb of Twin Rose Medb of Twin Rose

September Missive

Greetings, Northshield,

As is becoming tradition in my missives, I am going to continue to highlight two of my many hard working deputies. In this Northwatch, I will be highlighting the Kingdom Chatelaine and the Law Clerk.

The Kingdom Chatelaine is responsible for overseeing newcomer recruiting/education and demonstration activities in Northshield, and assisting the Seneschal and local groups with public relations activities. The Kingdom Chatelaine acts as an information and idea resource for local Chatelaines, keeps records of newcomer and demo activities as submitted by local groups, and generally fosters a welcoming attitude towards the general public and newcomers to the SCA and the Kingdom. If you have any questions about this office, please contact THL Kate de Mallow at

The Law Clerk assists the Kingdom Seneschal in maintaining the Laws, and advising the Crown on the wording and compatibility of proposed Law. The Clerk maintains the electronic document, and conveys it to the Chronicler annually for publishing. The Clerk also monitors the document for logical conflicts, inconsistencies, and loopholes. The Kingdom Seneschal then presents these items to the Crown for possible action. If you have any questions about this office, please contact Lord Diarmait mac Dauid at

In Service.


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Posted by: Eysteinn meinfretr (called William) Kingdom Seneschal on 8/14/2017

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