Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose

January Missive

Warm Greetings unto the Populace of Northshield!

I hope this missive finds you in good health and looking forward to what the modern New Year has to bring you all! I hope you enjoy this issue of the Northwatch. To those of you who are new to our group, welcome! I truly hope you come to love Northshield as much as I do. Please be sure to ask questions and don’t be afraid to approach the Royal Family or your Stallari (board) officers! Please remember we all started out the same and we all had the same questions at one point or another.

I have just a couple of points of business to share. I am still looking for a Northwatch Editor. Mistress Elashava has graciously been acting as interim editor, but I am sure she would like to pass it on to someone else for a while. If you are interested in what it entails or have questions regarding what the duties of the Northwatch Editor are, please feel free to contact me or Mistress Elashava and we would be happy to chat with you!

For those of you who are interested in submitting content to future issues of the Northwatch, I would like to share the following themes to upcoming issues. February’s theme is Courtly Love, March’s theme is “Going to War” (all things related to going to a Known World War), April is reserved for our silly issue, and May’s issue is “Try something New”. We are looking for articles, songs, poems, A&S instructions, jokes, artwork, and anything else you think would fit with the upcoming themes. Submissions are due 6 weeks prior to publication (February’s deadline is December 15, March’s deadline is January 15, etc.) and we request you send your content to Articles should be in .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .txt formats and artwork should be in .tif, .png, or .jpg formats. Please remember to name your article as Title of Article_name of submitter (i.e. Instruction_for_the_cool_thing_Isabelladellarosa)

Finally, I will be attending Nordskogen’s Twelfth Night, Tacky Garb Ball, Lupercalia, Hertzkrieg, and Gulf Wars if you would like to talk with me regarding any and all things Chronicler related. Thank you all for your contributions and happy writing!

Yours Ever in Service,


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Posted by: Isabella Beatrice della Rosa Kingdom Chronicler on 12/12/2016

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