A report from the Court of Northshield, held this twenty first day of September, AS 48, in the canton of Blachmere, Barony of Nordskogen, at the Pas d'Armes.

It is important to note that His Majesty Hrodir Stormking processed in alone. The beautiful and gracious Queen Anne was missing for nearly the entire day. His Majesty indicated that she was at the archery range, but the archers swore she was not in their presence.

 The ladies of the gallery were instead graced with the presence of Mysterious White Lady. She wore a veil over her face, and we knew her not. She charged us with watching the fighters to identify who best exemplified the knightly virtues. Throughout the day, the ladies gathered around the combatants from all the marshal fields to give garters to the champions of the virtues. Mistress Marwen has the list of who received these garters, which I hope she will share.

His Majesty invited the White Lady into court to sit with him. At this time, she chose her final champion... And revealed herself to be Her Majesty! Oh, we all were so shocked that our Queen had walked among us unseen! Her champion is to hold The Axe, to remind all to be chivalrous in all things. 
Her Majesty chose Lord Hammond of Mare Amethystinum as her Champion for amoured combat

His Majesty named a young child from Orlova Dolina to be his Offical Siege Engineer. I did not catch the child's name, but he presented His Majesty with a glorious (tiny) trebuchet, the might of which was demonstrated before the assembled populace. Our enemies are fortifying their walls as I write.
Our young Northern Border Siege commanders name is Joseph of Orlova Dolina

Gevehard Von Baden - Scribal highlight (pergamenata, and Freddie's Gold and Freddie's Silver)

The focus of Uncle Mikey's Heraldic Education Minute (yaaaaaay) was non-armigerous awards, including the Golden Peacock, the Bear of Northshield, the Pyxis, and the Saltire.

Respectfully submitted,
I remain,
Ever faithful,
In service to my Kingdom,

Katerinka Lvovicha, Blawhorn herald

During the Pas d'Armes, the Ladies of the Gallery accompanied the Lady in
White to seek out and recognize exemplars of the Chivalric Virtues.  Each
exemplar was granted a garter inscribed with the virtue, to proudly display
to all.

Lady Armaya was recognized as the exemplar of Prowess
Baron Theodweard l'Archier was recognized for his Loyalty
Lord Dietrich Von Katzenwald was recognized for Courage
Master Cadwallon y' Rhudd was recognized as a leading light of Honesty
Lord Wilhelm zu Eltz-Kempenich was recognized for his Faith
Dame Margalit Medicus was recognized as the exemplar of Courtesy
The Honorable Lord Vidi Hovdestad was recognized for his Generosity
Count Tom Tinntinnabulum was proclaimed as the exemplar of Franchise.

Vivant to these eight fine gentles, and to the Ladies of the Gallery who
took this responsibility to heart!

Dame Marwen de la Rivere
Baroness of the Court of Tarrach and Fina