HE Dugall Ailean mac-'ic Lathurna HE Dugall Ailean mac-'ic Lathurna
Court Date: 9/14/2013 (Court #1)
Event Name: Fall Coronation
Presenting Royalty: Morgan II and Lusche II
A report from the final court of Morgan and Lusche, King and Queen of the kingdom of Northshield, rulers of the Northern Skies, the eastern sea, and the western hills, sovereigns of the summer, second by that name, held this 14th day of September, as 48, in The Shire of Skerjastrond, at the Coronation of Hrodir and Anne.

Herald of Record: Katerinka Lvovicha of the Two Kingdoms
Heralds: Katerinka Blawhorn, Maol Mhichil Polaris

Scribal highlight -- Cyvelliog McKinley

Awards Presented

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