Hey, Dad--Wait for me!!! Hey, Dad--Wait for me!!!
Court Date: 5/4/2019 (Court #1)
Event Name: Bardic Madness XXIX: The Bards of Avonwood
Presenting Royalty: Konrad II and Aibhilin II
Reporter: Jean de Lisieux
Herald: Jean de Lisieux
Oaths of fealty or pledges of service were offered and accepted by members of the Orders of the Laurel, the Pelican, and from those of Royal Lineage. The Baron of Nordskogen made his oath of fealty. The populace of Northshield who had not previously swore fealty/pledged service were invited into court to do so.

The Scribes of Northshield were thanked for their gifts of time and their works of art. 

The children of Northshield were invited forward. Luftwine ByrnsmiĆ¾ was called into court and presented with the Toy Chest. 

Thomas Bordeaux was called into court, and asked to please their Majesties with a gift of song.

Yehudah ben Yitzhak was called into court. He presented the co-event steward, Shamus of Avonwood. Yehudah then summoned the populace of the Shire of Avonwood to their Majesties, and they were greatly thanked for their hospitality of the day. 

At this time, their Majesties invited in their court any for whom this was their first event or first court. The newcomers were gifted with drinking cups. Their Majesties instructed the populace to make the newcomers welcome. 

Asa Sporr, Jean de Lisieux, and Judith of Northwode were called back into court by Her Majesty, and presented with tokens of their new awards.

Court Herald: Jean de Lisieux 
Day Signet: Marcial de Salas 
Seneschal: Christiana Gaylord du Chien
Toy Run Background Check: Luftwine ByrnsmiĆ¾


Awards Presented

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