Ailill MacBaird de Kermikal Ailill MacBaird de Kermikal
Court Date: 1/26/2019 (Court #1)
Event Name: Live By the Sword Plead the Fifth
Presenting Royalty: Vladimir III and Petranella III
A report from the court of Northshield, held the 26th day of January, AS 53, in the College of Svaty Sebesta, at Live By the Sword Plead the Fifth

Herald: Eilis macMaurice
Seneschal: Toyaoka Katsuo

The following law was read in to court: VI-700 The Stallari Council shall meet once per year within 30 days after the Spring Crown Tournament to review Kingdom Law and Northshield Financial Policies and make sure changes as are needed or desirable. This meeting shall be in addition to convening a quorum of the Stallari Council asset forth in VI-300.

The Shire of Noiregarde presented Their Majesties with largess.
Newcomer mugs were given to the new members of the Northshield populace.
Master Simon announced the winners of the day.

Awards Presented

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