Mehndi (henna) Mehndi (henna)
Court Date: 11/10/2018 (Court #1)
Event Name: Stellar University of Northshield (SUN)
Presenting Royalty: Vladimir III and Petranella III
Court at SUN Heralded by Mattias of Rolling 0ak

Law changes

Remove the following from law: 
I-270 The “Lesser Officers” of the Kingdom are:

4. For the Kingdom Earl Marshal: 

The Kingdom Cut and Thrust Marshal.  

V-3490 – The Cut and Thrust Marshal

The Cut and Thrust Marshal is a Lesser officer to the Kingdom Earl Marshal and will promote the safe and orderly conduct of Cut and thrust combat activities.

The following have been modified:

V-810 Emergency Deputies for Greater Officers All Greater Officers must have an emergency deputy. The emergency deputy must be approved by the Crown, after consultation with the Greater Officer and the Stallari. Emergency deputies to a Great Officer shall keep all communications confidential as if they were that Great Officer. All laws pertaining to confidential information provided to a Great Officer shall also bind that officer’s emergency deputy.


V-3050 Lesser Officers will fulfill the individual requirements of office as defined by the Governing Documents, Kingdom law, and their superiors. Lesser Officers that report directly to Society superiors shall also send a copy of that report to their kingdom superiors and the Royal Family.

V-2130 The Chancellor of the Exchequer will submit a financial report to the Stallari Council at least twice per reign at the Stallari meeting.


V-2140 The Chancellor of the Exchequer will submit a current balance sheet and an approved budget to the Royalty within thirty (30) days of Coronation. 

 V-3190 – The Social Media Officer

The Social Media Officer is a lesser officer to the Seneschal, responsible for the use of social media on approved platforms to support the goals of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and to facilitate communication with its participants. The Social Media Officer is also responsible for those duties specified in the appropriate Society policies. 

Awards Presented

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