Medb of Twin Rose Medb of Twin Rose
Court Date: 1/27/2018 (Court #1)
Event Name: Die Four the Sword
Presenting Royalty: Kaydian and Cassandra
A report of the court business of their Stellar Majesties, Kaydian and Cassandra, held on the 27th day of January A.S. 52 at Die Four the Sword in the Shire of Korsvag.

Their Majesties were joined by Her Excellency Castel Rouge, Clare Agatha MacLeod.

Court was heralded by Baroness Alexandra der Wasserman and Baroness Kolfinna Hrafnkelsdottir. Countess Devon Ffrench stood as Signet.

Mugs were presented to two newcomers, and the running of the Toy Chest was performed by Hans of Korsvag.  Their Majesties were merciful, and allowed him a generous head start.
Awards were presented at Die4 on Jan 27, and were read into court at FITS on Feb 3, because of the Die4 site change.  The event site information was to late to be published in the Northwatch.


Awards Presented

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